We Can Solve It…

I just signed up at the  We Can Solve It Web site…a project from the The Alliance for Climate Protection –to find out more about what I can do to address climate change. What I like about the site or the theme is that it has moved beyond, "Oh crap, the world is imploding" to "we can change this". The site has some great information on things each person can do that doesn’t cost extra money and might even save you some. They also have some videos, one of which I thought was great.

Another great feature of the site is the listing of contacts you can use to send letters to encourage the press and our leaders to take more of an active role in the discussion.  There was an analysis on the site of the number of climate questions asked of the candidates by the press:

"A League of Conservation Voters’ study found that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked presidential candidates more than 767 questions — only 5 of which were related to global warming. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked more than 402 questions — only 5 were about global warming. Sadly, other political commentators and reporters have shown a similar disregard for this key issue."

But I am fairly certain our press discussed why Hillary cried, why Obama is wonderful and isn’t McCain’s mother great for being out on the campaign trail.


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