Boulder Beer Saves the Planet One Beer at a Time

Getting a Single Track or Sundance at the Boulder Beer Pub is probably the most perfect and easiest way to a green drink. Well, for us it is because we live within a 10 minute walk. We just found out about this but the Boulder Beer Company has since 2007 made huge efforts to introduce eco-friendly policies and steps at their brewery. Here are some of the steps they have taken (this is pulled from their pub flyer):

  • An avg of 130 tons of their spent grain and yeast is reused as feed supplements by local farmers every month
  • Their brewery recovers heated water from the heat-exchanger to use in future brews
  • Their walk-in cooler has economizers that use outside air to cool the warehouse during the cold months
  • The pub is PACE certified (People for A Cleaner Environment)
  • Earth friendly printing and packaging
  • Recycle kitchen fryer oil for bio-deisel
  • Use all recycled or compostable "to go" containers
  • Compost food waste

So, lots going on in the neighborhood and it is so tremendous that our local watering hole is making changes like this in the way they do business.


One response to “Boulder Beer Saves the Planet One Beer at a Time

  1. This is great to know! I love your blog! You are my eco-hero! 🙂

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