Early Morning Coffee Ride to Stone Cup

For the past couple of Saturdays, I have been heading out very early to ride to Lyons for a cup of coffee. In the past, I would have gotten my Americano at the Barking Dog, a great, cycling-friendly coffee shop just on the main street into Lyons. Perfect spot. But recently, I thought we'd change things up a bit and hit the Stone Cup for a bit of the brew.

One thing I have to say about Lyons is their coffee shops each have charm and are unique. The Stone Cup is a bit more spacious and perhaps has a bit more of a menu but the Barking Dog still wins on the coffee front. But for overall lounging the Stone Cup is perfect, huge garage doors open out onto patio where hanging baskets overflow their blooms, lots of other cyclists and locals hang out at the flagstone tables to give it a bit of a buzz and they appear to be hugely committed to creating an environmentally sustainable business. You can't buy bottled water, your coffee is served in compostable coffee cups, they rely on 100-percent powered by renewable, non-polluting wind power. Their environmental commitment is written up and available on their site. It looks like their effort is part of the ConservEd Project, which is part of the Green Heart Institute. I'm not quite sure how they are related, so I guess that will have to wait for another post.

But if you are looking for a cool place to hang on a Saturday in Lyons, you would be hard-pressed to find a much better spot than the Stone Cup. And you can recycle that cup your drinking out of, as well.


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