Been Busy Avoiding a Layoff and Studying for LEED (still)

It’s been a busy few weeks ducking and diving to avoid a layoff at my company. Not really, I guess, but it sounds better than saying I was nervously sitting in a pool of my own anxiety-sweat waiting for a phone call to inform me whether I had a job or not. But I did make it and still feel pretty good about the place, so there we are. Coupled with the low-grade throb of tension, I am still studying for LEED and getting pretty tired of it. The more I read, the less comfortable I feel. Of course, not reading anymore would ensure my failure but would make me feel more confident about my ignorance. Difficult balancing act.

As part of my effort to avoid studying, I have been researching study guides. This act alone makes me feel like I am hard at work learning the finer points of ASHRAE.

  • IntheLeed is a great site and the guy just passed so you know his study materials are good.
  • LEED Test preps – this site has automated flash cards. I was unable to answer most but was thrilled by the ease with which I was able to do it. 
  • And some other Test-Taking Resources, which will make you feel prepared simply by printing them out

I am signing up for the test in August and come bank failures, mortgages crisis and war, I’ll be there. (Modern and tasteless twist on an old cliche).


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