Chevy, Fuel-Efficiency & Tire Pressure

I was reading Wired magazine the other morning and looked at the ad on the back of magazine and I read it. The heading did it's job, it lured me into reading entire thing…on my own time. It read "Gas-Friendly to gass-free." and it was from Chevy. What the??? Anyway, what caught my attention was this little snippet –

…..Properly inflated tires can improve gas
mileage by up to 3%.(4) Seems small, but if everyone in the U.S. had
properly inflated tires, we could save millions of gallons of gas each
(I actually had to go find their ad on their site. Ug.

That's a pretty impressive result, which we could realize fairly quickly. What I also thought was interesting is that I recall this very idea having huge heaps of scorn thrown onto it. No, it is not going to solve our oil crisis but a little individual effort from us all can have an impact. And it's easier than drilling or buying a Prius or looking for a station that has biofuel.


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