Environmental Jobs Surpass IT Jobs

I have thought and maybe said a few time that the impact of new environmental jobs will surpass those of  IT.  But I think it goes beyond that idea of numbers to suggest that the greening of our industries and lives will have a much greater impact on our daily lives than the internet. I also think the reach of this environmental trend could not have been as successful without IT; it's almost like we needed the maturing  presence of the Web to both fully realize the scope of the environmental issues we face and to have the powerful tools we will need to address the problem.

First off, I think Thomas Friedman is a great writer and thinker and I look forward to reading his op-ed pieces every Wed. and Sunday. He is a bit of a downer but then he is probably witness to more than I sitting here in Boulder, Colorado.  Nevertheless, here is quote from his most recent piece – And then there was one:

Because renewable energy technologies — what I call “E.T.” — are
going to constitute the next great global industry. They will rival and
probably surpass “I.T.” — information technology. The country that
spawns the most E.T. companies will enjoy more economic power,
strategic advantage and rising standards of living. We need to make
sure that is America. Big oil and OPEC want to make sure it is not.

I couldn't agree more…


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