I passed my LEED exam and damn was it hard

I woke up at 5am on Saturday, the day of my exam, tossed and turned until around 6:30, and finally got up around 7.  I opened up my notes and started my final review before my exam, which started at 11.  I was a bit fidgety and really wanted a cup of coffee from Joes but they don't open until later on the weekend.  So, I took a couple of practice exams and then drove over a double-shot americano.

I don't know that waking up 6 hours before my exam and studying really helped me.  Where I was weakest I did poorly and where I felt most confident I did well on the exam. The test was hard – no doubt about it – and my prep would have benefited from a better understanding of the role of key players in the LEED process.  But it's over now – THANK GAWD!!!  Now what? Well, I have met a number of great people recently all committed to the ideas of sustainability, so I intend to meet more with them and talk and learn.

One of those people is David Johnston over at What's Working. He has written a number of books; Green from the Ground Up,  Green Remodeling and one other that I think is coming out soon. So, I will be reading through those, attending green drinks and hopefully continue to learn more about how I can help.  That's one thing I realized after studying and finally passing the test – I have a lot to learn. 🙂


2 responses to “I passed my LEED exam and damn was it hard

  1. “Congrats on passing the test.. This was by far one of the hardest for me! Not only because of the content but because of the time it took to study..not to mention the stress from the fear of failing. What materials did you use?
    Glad to say I passed the exam the first time..barely but I did! Couldn’t have done it without
    Cleanedison.com. Their courses were right on target and the way the information was presented helped
    me retain a lot of it. Great way to expand your career.”

    Thanks!!I used the New Contstruction and Major Renvoation USGBC LEED book. I also used some online tutorials, which were fantastic!

    Congratulations yourself on passing! Phew!! Onto greener things. I hope!

  2. Ah yes, areforum.org was great also..lost of tips from previous test takers.. great blog btw, visiting Colorado is on my To Do list! Anyway, Dallas has LOTS of opportunities, so I am confident it will pay off.

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