Cool New Blog – Environmental Capital from WSJ

My company provides access to the Wall Street Journal, where I found this cool blog called ENVIRONMENTAL CAPITAL. It's also where I found an entry about Boulder and a new plug-in electric car that has been rolled out by Xcel Energy. It is a converted Ford Escape SUV and the cool thing about is that it can store energy – "it contains about 8 kilowatt hours of stored energy, enough to power eight homes for an hour."

This effort is all part of Xcel's SmartGrid program, which includes the “SmartGridCity” project. Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of this car but I guess it probably wouldn't look that different than one that hasn't been converted. It costs 30 grand to convert so it is not likely they'll have a big market for this yet.

It's great to hear about these types of efforts  but I wonder if we can start extending that type of thinking to our mass transit. Can we set up a bunch of solar panels on the roof of our buses and power them?  Wouldn't it be great if we could come up with a solution that reduced the number of cars on the road or our dependency on them and improved our mass transit?


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