Good Times at Green Drinks – Boulder

Great time at Green Drinks last night at Scotch Corner a cute little pub on the corner of Arapahoe and I think Walnut. I tell you what, every time I go to Green Drinks it seems like there are more and more people. It must be Bryan from EcoGreenOffice – he has really developed this group and what's more people seem to be having a genuinely good time.  I haven't been to too many networking shindings but at this one everyone is smiling.  And once again, I met some great people doing some pretty interesting things:

  • I met up again with Nate of Eco Handman.  His business seems to be growing from strength to strength. Good for him. 
  • Matt Lebeau has just moved back to Boulder and is helping companies with their marketing/strategy  over at Greenhouse Partners.
  • I spoke with Mike Olson from Johnson Printing very briefly as we were walking out and his company is using FSC paper and they are an environmental silver-level printer!! That's cool. Not quite sure what it is but I'll look more into it over the weekend.
  • Pepper Clayton from Emerge Green is an energy audit company that manages your energy rating strategy from testing to implementation to measurement. This is sooo needed. We had an energy audit completed several months ago, with the end deliverable a document. So, someone there to help you review that document and implement measurable changes is a great next step.

Another great thing about this group is that you get to meet and talk with so many people representing different companies and even individuals from various city programs are present. I spoke with one woman about the new recycling effort and she was very eager to talk about how her team supports this new effort by talking with people (particularly seniors) about the changes, what they mean and why they are happening.  Communicating the changes to how we live and why they are so important is critical to getting people involved and enthused.

Great time. Thanks Bryan!


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