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Boulder Green Drinks April 28th.

greendrinks1Date: Apr 28, 2009
Time: 5:00 PM

Location: the b.side lounge

There’s gonna be a give-away!


Green Building Expo – Van Jones

He has a great line from his speech – "The new green economy icon is the caulk gun" (or something like that)…Check it out Van Jones' speech.
Very inspiring speech!! Now we need to get to work.

Green Drinks, Boulder

Another Green Drinks is planned for Tuesday, October 28, 5:00PM


Redfish Fishhouse and Brewery
2027 13th St. See you there!

It’s International Polar Year. Did you know that?

CU is having a Boulder 'Ice Fest' and my good friend's husband Mark McCaffrey will be talking on Friday at 10 and then at 4pm.  I want to hear him and then check out "Antarctica: Passion and Obsession" from two of  world's top polar region photographers, Rosemarie Keough and James Balog. I also don't want to be depressed…difficult balance.

Great Frontier Fest down in Denver this weekend

Green Frontier Fest Banner

Generally, I am pretty skeptical of any event that starts off with the description "community celebration" but I am willing to meet them half way.   I just can't seem to figure out what it is about. From what I can gather from the site -  Green Frontier Fest,  it's about the broader environmental effort here in Colorado and making the Democratic Convention the "greenest political convention in modern American history.".  Although, I think the description is a bit over the top I do think it is fantastic to read about and hopefully will establish Colorado as a leader in this field.

And there is something called the "New Energy Station", which is showcasing all new hip and cutting edge green technologies.

Have you ever noticed that the moment you come up with a cool label for something instead of calling it what it is, you immediately introduce confusion? Maybe it's just me. I think the New Energy Station is about a solar house, a bike station and a  new grid. But the word station means what? A place to depart? A place to pump gas?

Anyway if you are downtown and don't mind the potential crowds, check it out!  

Great time at Green Drinks – Boulder

So, I checked out Green Drinks last night at Redfish and had a great time. It was a perfect summer evening, so they had the garage door/windows rolled up and there were lots of people milling around inside and out. There must have been about 30 people or so and it was such a great crowd. Everyone was very friendly and approachable and I met some really interesting people.  I met a landscape designer named David Bailey, who owns Urban Oasis and has been in the business almost 9 years. Bryan Beckett, the organizer, who I didn’t get a chance to talk with but owns/works for (I couldn’t tell) EcoGreenOffice products.  Then I met a really cool couple from Wiser World Travel, who can help you organize your eco-sensitive travels. It sounded like a really great idea and they both seemed really excited about their work.

I went with my neighbor, who I didn’t see much of because we were both flitting around meeting people. But when we did meet up she mentioned to me that someone had seem my nametag and said something like, “Sun? What does Sun do that’s Eco?”. I couldn’t believe that. Sun only has one of the best WFH programs out there that keeps me off of 36, has a pretty aggressive on-site recyclable collection stratetgy and is continually developing new servers that run cooler and require less energy.  They have come up with a datacenter in a container idea that uses a closed-loop water cooling system making it 40% more energy efficient at cooling than a typical

I should have tracked him down and corrected his image of Sun instead I yantered onto it to my friend and David from Urban Oasis. Very effective strategy to rail against the people who were just the messengers. But all in all great time and I’ll definitely head back next month.    

Headed to Green Drinks – Boulder

Heard from my neighbor that Green Drinks have kicked off again, or perhaps I just lost the thread. So, I am headed over to the Redfish Brewery at 5:30 to meet up.